Dampness in the buildings

Dampness in the building walls

The penetration or excess of moisture inside the building from its walls, floors, or roof is known as dampness in the buildings. Sources of Dampness in the buildings The following are the main sources due to which dampness occurs in the building. Moisture penetrating into the building through defective construction such as rainwater, pipes, leaking … Read more Dampness in the buildings

Roles of Civil Engineers for Society

Civil Engineer with Officer

Every action of engineering is directly related to societal issues, and hence engineers have an impact on society. By using engineering techniques in the meantime engineer helps to solve the societal problems. Some of the basic roles of civil engineers for society are: Help and train people to operate and maintain the solution system for … Read more Roles of Civil Engineers for Society

Aggregate ll Types and Property of aggregates.


Aggregate is an important constituent in concrete. It occupies about three-quarters of the volume of concrete, it contributes significantly to the structural performance of concrete, especially strength, durability, and volume stability. Different types of aggregate Normal weight aggregates Light-weight aggregates Heavy-weight aggregates Fibrous aggregates Gaseous aggregates In 80% of construction works, we used normal weight … Read more Aggregate ll Types and Property of aggregates.

10 basic requirements for good stairs

Basic requirements for good stairs

While selecting the stairs for a building, we need to take care of many things. In this articles, we discussed the basic requirements for good stairs. The main work of stairs in a building is to provide easy, simple, quick and safe access between the story/floors of the buildings. The requirements for good Stairs of … Read more 10 basic requirements for good stairs

Dog-legged Staircase Design for a residential building.

Dog-legged staircase Plan

During the construction of the building, we need to design the staircase for the multistorey buildings. In this case, we are designing a dog-legged staircase design for a residential building. For residential building, there is a dimension guideline: 1. Height of Rise = 150mm to 170mm. 2. Width of tread = 220mm to 270mm. 3. … Read more Dog-legged Staircase Design for a residential building.

Mechanical Properties Of Materials


Mechanical properties of materials are the characteristics of a material that are displayed under the account of an external force applied to the material. These properties are most important in selecting the material for structural components. Since, they lead to determine the load resisting capacity, durability flexibility of the materials. Here is the list of … Read more Mechanical Properties Of Materials