Bitumen – Properties and Uses

Bitumen Surface Dressing

Bitumen is known as petroleum in the fluid state, mineral tar in the semifluid state and asphalt in the solid-state. It is a solid or semi-solid black, sticky, ductile substance, obtained as a crucial byproduct from the distillation of crude fossil oil. It may even be outlined as that portion of fossil oil asphalt and … Read more Bitumen – Properties and Uses

Lime as Cementing Materials


Those materials which possess the property of adhesion and cohesion between different materials to form a strong bond between them are termed as cementing material. In other words, such material which has the capacity at bounding between structural units is known as cementing material. Lime is one of the most important cementing materials in which … Read more Lime as Cementing Materials

Different Testing of the Portland Cement


During the construction works at site, we need to know and perform different cement test to check the quality of cements. At site, cube tests should be carried out for each 30 cum of concrete / each batch of cement. Samples from fresh concrete should be taken. At least a set of 6 cubes of … Read more Different Testing of the Portland Cement

Cement- Ingredients, Properties and Classification


Cement is an important construction material with extremely ground particles having adhesive and cohesive properties which make it capable of bonding mineral fragments into a compact whole. In this method, it imparts strength and sturdiness to the hardened mass referred to as concrete. The cement used in the making of concrete is called hydraulic cement … Read more Cement- Ingredients, Properties and Classification

Different aggregates test


Test for determination of aggregate abrasion value The aggregate abrasion value gives the resistance of an aggregate against wearing. The test involves taking specified quantity of standard size material along with specified number of abrasive charge in a standard cylinder and revolving it for certain specific revolutions. The particles smaller than 1.7mm sizes are separated … Read more Different aggregates test

What is impact value test of aggregate ?

Impact Value test of aggregate

Usually in large construction works, whether the available aggregate is suitable or not for the work is determined by the impact value test of aggregate. The impact value test of aggregate gives a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to sudden shock or impact. Steps by step procedure for Impact value test of … Read more What is impact value test of aggregate ?

How to determine the crushing value of aggregate?

crushing value of aggregate

The crushing value of aggregate is very important to know the strength of the aggregate. For finding the resistance of aggregate under gradually applied compressive load, the crushing value test of aggregate is done. For the crushing value test, the following procedure is followed. Procedure for finding the crushing value of aggregate. Aggregate passing through … Read more How to determine the crushing value of aggregate?